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    Mutya ng Ibalong 2016 Talent Competition

    In support with the Ibalong Festival Silver Anniversary celebration, LCC Mall Legazpi opened its stage to the talent competition of Mutya ng Ibalong 2016. It has been an afternoon filled with fun and entertainment as the candidates showed the audience what god given talent they’ve got.As the coronation night drew nearer, the pressure among the candidates also grew stronger. And the excitement was felt during their talent competition. The 20 lovely candidates mesmerized the audience with their one-of-a-kind and never-before-seen talents. The judges, composed of experts from different fields, enjoyed every bit of the presentation while savoring the delicious snacks from LCC Food Garden. The event center was filled with cheering crowd that made the event even more ecstatic.


    The candidates  proved that they aren’t just beautiful, but also talented. In the end, among the 20 Mutya ng Ibalong candidates who performed, only three of them were called as the Top 3 for the Best in Talent. The result of the afternoon’s talent competition will be announced during the Coronation Night on August 24 at Ibalong Centrum for Recreation.

    Surely, everyone had a great time performing, judging, cheering and watching the Mutya ng Ibalong 2016 Talent Competition.